Environmental Statement

Because We Give a Shit

      We at Gato Montes affirm our commitments to anti-mass production, in favor of small batch handcrafted work.  Consumerism driven mass production is generally exploitative of people in the developing world and specifically encourages cost cutting, a cornerstone of environmental and socially extractive mentalities and practices.  Our goods are made to a standard that will allow our customers to use them for many years.  The durability of our art encourages long term use and thus promotes a higher quality relationship with our customers and most importantly less consumption and more function.  We are committed to sourcing as many locally produced materials as possible, thus minimizing the effects of transportation, as well as stimulating our local economies.  Currently all of our leather is sourced from local free range farms, as well as tanned locally; our hardware is also manufactured locally.  We stress the necessity for local procurement of materials as a necessity to combat the rampant social and environmental infractions perpetrated by inter-global trade and manufacturing.  We are proponents of micro-economic structures; occupying a nation like so many bright and varied patches of color on the diverse and rich flag of our desired modern age.  We are only strong in our diversity which is another pillar of our personhood, diversity both in our governing philosophies as well as our anti-patriarchal world view.   We are people of color, immigrants and travelers from a variety of backgrounds, we embrace our differences and in this way encourage our mutual prosperity.  It is important that we make clear the connection between poverty and the environment; environmentally destructive practices that degenerate the Earth and cause climate change are crimes in themselves, but they also intrinsically affect humans living on the lower echelons of our stratified societies in ways drastically more dire than that of the upper classes.  Thus our commitment to the environment is not only a question of the rights of Mother Nature and the animal kingdom, but also that of social stratification, class, race, gender, identity and nationalism.  By 2020 we hope to grow enough to employ even more of our friends as well as form a non profit that empowers marginalized artists via increased visibility, access to better workspaces and tools as well as international visa programs, because when we rise so does our community.  

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